Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Steve Bridge
CEO /Founder
Steve has a history of successfully working with both technology and bricks and mortar companies and provides a proactive outreach and analysis of Return on Investments for all our clients. Marketing is about increasing revenue and ensuring profit and Steve brings that focus to the team. Steve is married with 5 children, 9 grand kids and great grand kids, but still kayaks, plays racquetball and bogey boards with the kids.
Brandon Bridge
Director of Projects & Digital Strategy
Brandon works to make each person think in unique ways & pushes to make all elements come together from the real and digital world. His ability to understand how divisions, components, & people work on large & small projects from concerts to online marketing & multi-location brand message is a valuable resource to have on any team.
Curtiss Stahl
Executive Advisor
Curtiss Stahl’s thirty-two years of diverse experience in program supervision, engineering and business management with the Department of Defense (DoD), various governmental entities and commercial ventures, serve BBES clients from a wide-range of industries. His background in technical leadership and management ensures that focused action and proper implementation remain the backbone of continued organizational growth. Curtiss joins BBES as an Executive Advisor of Business and Infrastructure.
Randall Sena
Creative Engineer
BBES' Creative Engineer, Randall Sena, is a California-based recording engineer and producer. For over a decade, he's mentored local artists through every technical aspect of the music-making process, applying both scientific and creative mind to generate an intended outcome. As a musician himself, and one of the Central Coast's most memorable and effective songwriters, Randall ensures that his BBES clients understand and appreciate the creative process while achieving real-time results.
Deepak Singh
I have around 8 years of experience with LAMP. Worked with open source like wordpress, opencart, custom script etc. i have done Bachelor of technology in computer science and engineering
Jeremy Laduque
Franchise & Enterprise Development Consultant
Jeremy is an extreme professional who knows his job. Every project was completed on time exactly as needed.Jeremy is a hard-working executive who has the intelligence to create and develop an organization, coupled with the patience to let it grow and mature within a rapidly changing marketplace. His track record for success has continued with the sale of ElementsLocal and I imagine that he is already working on his plans for the 'next big thing'. I expect to see new, innovative ideas come from Jeremy in short order.